Engineering, Manufacturing, Power and Infrastructure (EMPI)

Engineering, Manufacturing, Power and Infrastructure (EMPI) 2017-05-05T14:22:41+00:00

Engineering, Manufacturing, Power and Infrastructure (EMPI)

Engineering is defined as the discipline of acquiring and applying technical, scientific, and mathematical knowledge to design and implement structures, machines, systems, and processes that safely realize a desired objective. The Indian Engineering sector has witnessed a remarkable growth over the last few years driven by increased investments in infrastructure and industrial production. The engineering sector, being closely associated with the manufacturing and infrastructuresectors, is of strategic importance to India’s economy. The capital goods & engineering turnover in India is expected to reach US$ 125.4 billion by FY17.

Engineering exports from India in FY 2014-15 stood at US$ 70.7 billion registering a growth of 14.6 per cent over the previous fiscal,

With the rapid advancement of technology many new fields are fast gaining prominence and new branches are developing such as aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, genetic engineering, nuclear engineering and robotics etc.

Trinau EMPI provides services to Engineering , Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Refinery, Oil & Gas, Power (Thermal/Solar/Wind), Infrastructure etc.

Trinau and its teams have serviced positions of the following kind in EMPI:

  • Procurement – Head, Manager, Engineer
  • Design Engineer – Electrical, Design, Mechanical, Instrumentation
  • Product Management
  • Quality – Head, Executive
  • TSE
  • Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, RSM, ZSM
  • Proposal Manager
  • Estimation Manager
  • Sr. Engineer Steam Turbile design
  • Business development – Manager, Executive
  • GM Hydro Power Constructions
  • Account & Finance – Manager, Officer
  • Sr. Structural Engineer/ Designer
  • Reporting Manager
  • Project Management
  • Service – Manager, Engineer
  • HVAC Consultant
  • Engineer – Bop
  • Head Export
  • Manager – Business Analyst
  • Technical Consultant
  • Lead Piping Engineer
  • Sr. Project Manager-MEP
  • Asst. Manager Construction Management
  • Manager-CRM
  • Head Construction
  • Manager Safety
  • Head-Commercial