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Trinau has expanded its footprint to cover major industries including

  • Information Technology Services, Business Process Outsourcing and Independent Software Vendor (ITBP)
  • Business and Management Consulting (BMC)
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, Power and Infrastructure (EMPI)
  • Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences (P&L)
  • Banking and Financial Services (BFS)
  • Consumer Services and Retail (CSR)

Partnering for Success

Feedback is extremely important to the staff of Trinau.  In this search we are representing both your company and ours.  We want to achieve mutual success and make a good impression. Therefore we require:

  • After we make a presentation of a candidate on an open search, we are looking for feedback on in NO MORE than 48 hours.
  • Once a candidate has completed an interview with anyone at your organization, feedback from the interview is expected within NO MORE than 24 hours.
  • Ability to get interview and presentation feedback from the manager who will be making the final decision.

Trinau’s role is that of a middle man bringing the deal together.  Therefore, we ask that we present all interview requests and employment offers to our candidates.

Trinau cannot be held liable for any decision you make based on the candidate references that we check, we check these as a courtesy to gather information about the candidate.  It is your responsibility to double or re-check any and all candidate references before making any decisions on them.

Trinau will prep all of our candidates for every interview they agree to.  Even so, Trinau’s staff will NEVER divulge any confidential information, secrets or key decision points for your interview process.

Trinau is a search recruiting organization.  We are always looking for talented candidates for our open client searches.  BUT WE NEVER, ever, work with a candidate we placed with a client, unless we have a signed written release from our client.  We also NEVER recruit or solicit employees from any of our clients.  Still, it occasionally happens that one of your employees will come to us asking us to help them in their career search.  If that occurs, we will confidentially work with that candidate.

Trinau will stay in touch with the candidates we place throughout their career with your organization.  That is why we know the success rates of our placement.

In a marketplace where candidates are becoming ever more difficult to locate and attract, we ask that you become our partner in securing talent you are interested in adding to your team.  We have found a quick conversation regarding the ills of counteroffers between you and the candidate can be particularly helpful in keeping one from occurring.

Finally, we will not confirm any interviews between your organization and our candidates until we have a signed search agreement which includes an initialed copy of this document to know we are all working together with a mutual understanding of how the process will successfully unfold.