Prakash Thapliyal

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Mr. Prakash Thapliyal

is an Armed forces veteran who worked with the Indian Air Force for 25 years. A telecommunication specialist by profession he was especially hired by Gas Authority of India as a key resource for creating the entire communication network for the organisation including the HBJ (Hazira-Bijapur-Jagdishpur) gas pipeline, which was one of the most important and ambitious project in the country at the time.
He successfully commissioned the entire communication network along side 1700 Kms of gas pipeline which comprised installing high end equipments including microwave towers and ensuring remote management of the entire pipeline from Head office. This at the time was an accomplishment that the nation today is proud of.
He has been on the board of Trinau Talent Solutions and been an active director responsible for the company growth and vision. He is the quintessential optimist who know how to make lemonade if life throws a lemon at him. He brings his infectious smile and a never-dies attitude to the Trinau board and helps ward off any negativity. He lives in the Delhi NCR area with his wife and daughter.