Business Process Outsourcing/ITES

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Business Process Outsourcing/ ITES

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services industry fared well over the five years to 2015. The improving US economy, coupled with rising revenue in the finance and accounting sectors, credit card services and the insurance and human resource industries, have helped support BPO sales. Additionally, employers within these sectors and industries have experienced escalating expenses, due to wage increases and rising health insurance costs, and have contracted BPO service providers as a means of controlling these expenditures. The industry will continue to flourish in the five years to 2020, as revenue will be further supported by increasing wage pressure and burgeoning employer healthcare costs. Global Market for BPO services is expected to reach $220 Billion by the year 2020, driven by mounting pressure to rationalize costs, improve operational efficiency and to increase customer satisfaction.

The concept of Business Process Improvement (BPI) is expected to gain significance, and play a critical role in the emergence of BPO services in coming years. BPO vendors will explore new approaches for improving their quality of service, laying greater emphasis on utilizing Social media technologies to gain access to talent and position product and services.

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