Information Technology Outsourcing

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Information Technology Outsourcing

Technology is the backbone of the digital economy. The rate of change and the level of disruption driven by modern technology are exponential. Advancements in computer processing power, data storage, and chip design; the ubiquity of bandwidth; enterprise mobility; and many other developments that have unfolded in recent years are enabling myriad opportunities that were once impossible, both technologically and economically.

In the rising digital economy there are three certainties:

1. The pace of technological change will not slow down. However, the tech sector as a whole must continue to seek the answer to achieving seamless integration and communication between products and platforms. Standardization also needs to move to the front and center as businesses and consumers look to realize the full potential of the IoT.

2. As more companies recognize that standing still is not an option, the technology market’s barriers to entry will continue to fall. We are already seeing the rapid rise of “unicorns”—privately funded companies in existence for several years whose market capitalization would exceed US $1 billion if they were to go public. The population of unicorns is likely to increase as innovators and investors look to develop new products, platforms, and services as rapidly as possible.

3. Continued innovation and critical attention to effective privacy and security solutions will remain an essential component of the adoption of new technologies across all industries.

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