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Contingent Search

Trinau’s Contigency Search Process is one of the most diligent in the industry. It ensures that the opportunity and the candidate are matched only after a minimum number of unique parameters are met. The parameters are discussed upfront with the HR team and the hiring manager. As former industry executives, the resources at Trinau have hands on experience managing and hiring qualified human capital. We work with the Senior Management of our customers across industries to leverage qualified individuals that have the right experience and the edge to succeed in business. The reason we succeed is because we have some of the industries most tenacious and thorough recruiters working for your benefit. The approach and methodology that we follow is amongst the best in the industry. This involves tapping into a large Database which Trinau principals have built over the years.
During the hiring process and until the candidate joins your organization, Trinau has a very hands on approach, staying close to the Client and the candidate through the process to ensure that the on-boarding process goes smoothly and in a timely fashion.

Retained Search Process

Trinau’s process delivers today’s top employees to you. We undertake the following steps as we work on your retained search assignment.

  • Develop a detailed job description; conduct the search assignment in accordance with the timeline presented to the client company.
  • Develop and present for client review an initial target list of companies to recruit from.
  • Recruit and interview candidates in accordance with the enclosed Professional Commitment to Candidates.
  • Present written profiles of viable candidates to the client in accordance with the timelines.
  • Schedule candidate/client interviews. Participate in the interview process when appropriate.
  • Provide candidate feedback to client upon completion of the interview process.
  • Conduct and present a written summary of reference checks.
  • Prepare a written offer of employment detailing all agreed to terms between final candidate and client company.
  • Facilitate/negotiate the employment offer to the final candidate.
  • Assist final candidate in resigning from current company and prepare candidate to deal with the possibility of a counteroffer.