Vinny Nayak

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vinny nayak

Vinny Nayak

has over 20 years of experience developing a trusted partner relationship with clients in Pharmaceutical, Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance industries. He has guided large organizations in maintaining a sharp focus on key business drivers. His efforts in co-creating solutions that address critical business areas has helped organizations attain a market leadership position.

He started his career in software product sales for mid-sized firms and moved on to working with Fortune 1000 clientele to provide technology based solutions and business consulting in the areas of customer acquisition and retention, business process improvement, employee development and engagement, talent management, sales operations and field operations. He has particular strengths in market analysis & segmentation, sales methodology, marketing, recruitment, service delivery, process excellence and innovation. He has pioneered in acquisition of marquee clients as well as lead account teams on large customer engagements.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Bombay University and a MBA, Marketing degree from California State University, Bakersfield.

Vinny takes interest in a wide range of musical genres. He is an accomplished chef and finds an artistic outlet in charcoal drawings, carving and origami. He advocates for healthy, responsible living and strong family values.